Bihać is a city and municipality on the river Una in the northwestern Bosnia, in the Bosanka Krajina region. Bihać is situated in the Unko-Sanski Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What to See in Bihać

If you ask us what to see in Bihac our first answer will be the Una. The Una River is treated as a member of the family and the people of Bihac have the strongest collective ecological consciousness in the country.The width of the Una River that runs through the town is about 30m. The full length of the river, beginning in the Croatian Krajina and entering the Sava at Jasenovac, is 207km. It is the fourth-largest river in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a volume of 270m3 per second. People in Bihac will tell you about the blue waters that have dug deep limestone canyons, the fertile valleys fed by her water, their favorite swimming hole as a kid and, without exception, the thrill of whitewater rafting on the mighty Una.

The Stecci in the square mark the presence of the heretic Bosnian Church in these parts. The town square is dominated by the Kapetanova Tower (used as a lookout tower), the Zvonik Church and an Ottoman turbe, Fathija Mosque proving the multi-ethnic flavour this community has maintained. The Town Gallery has nice exhibits of local artists. It is open Monday to Friday and sometimes at weekends during the summer. Admission is free.

Close to town is Sokolac, a perfectly preserved fortification built by the Austrians in the 14th century. Christianity and Islam met here.

The Pounje Museum is a museum with many Roman, Illyrian, Ottoman and Austrian arte facts discovered in the area.